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Brand and Value

Corporation Mission: Undertake the Green Dream, Create a Better Life

Corporation Spirit:  Pioneering Grittily, Persisting Dauntlessly, Chiseling Endlessly, Striving for Excellence

Green dream” and “Better life” represent the mission focus and connotation of Qingte.

● “Undertake” and “create” show the promises of Qingte to the customers, employees and all mankind.  Each product and service show the duty and undertaking of Qingte who will help the customers, employees and all mankind to pursue happy and better life through providing excellent product and service.

● Qingte axle carries the expectations of efficient transmission and energy conservation and environment protection for commercial vehicle and helps people to realize the dream; Qingte special vehicle carries the dream of entrepreneurial wealth and serving the society and helps the customer to realize the dream; Qingte Real Estate carries the dream of healthy, environmental and comfortable living condition and helps the customer to realize the dream.

 “Green dream" is the expectation of Qingte to provide energy-saving, efficient, environmental and healthy product and service for consumer wholeheartedly, and also the dream of all mankind to pursue green healthy life

 “Better life” is the wish of Qingte to create colorful, sunny, healthy and positive life for all employees, and also the dream of people to pursue personal happiness and social harmony. 

Key Values: Respectful, Credible, Dedication, Innovation

Development Strategy: Upholding Autonomous Innovation, Premium Quality, Low Cost, and Globalization

We hold the key value as the basis of our business. With characters of respectful and credible,  we build trust among our customers. With dedication and innovation, we provide our customer with best services to maintain a long term coorperation. 

Qingte is aiming to be China's axle industry leader, first-class special vehicle manufacturing servicer and regional leading real estate enterprise, and to be an enterprise over centuries,  and create a brand with World-Famous fame.

 We are not only your reliable partner, but also an enterprise with social responsibilities and a family for our staff.  Qingte continues to build and consolidate core competition advantage, create unique value for customer, get the long-term trust of interested party and create centennial legacy for Qingte; cooperate with world famous enterprises to constantly surpass the international benchmarking enterprises, increase production competence, keep a foothold in international mainstream market and strive to be the world famous brand.

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