Qingte Group , First Chinese Private Company Supplier For Port Of Singapore Authority

Logistic developing is one of the most important economy pillar in Southeast Asia Area. And the area is one of the largest special vehicle export marketing from China. However, the marketing is always controlled by Large state-owned listed companies like CIMC. Qingte Group as the semitrailer pioneer in China also want to break through the barrier.

Hardworking on improving semitrailer quality and international service level. In a bid by the Port of Singapore Authority, Qingte group was the final winner from all types competitors in China. Qingte designed port trailer successfully Pass product validation and honored to be the long term cooperation partner with Singapore Authority.



Container semitrailer for port/harbor use  

Independent new developed DST product which totally meet the application in PSA.  24 hrs running without stop per day to ensure high efficiency, also resolved some quality problems which lasts more than ten years that other suppliers can not solve.

Through design discussion, field survey, sample testing processing. Finally realized the mass supplying. The bath trailer has been busying on the Singapore Port without any problems for several years. It is a really highlight case in Qingte group to evidence our quality and service.


Qingte Group , Container Semitrailer Batch Delivery For Port of Busan

Container is the most common and efficient way of international sea transportation. The container turnover efficiency in port or in the vessel directly affects the ship operation efficiency. Especially for some small port turnover, the container semitrailer is really necessary to handle container on the board. Flexible, competitive price due to the simple structure, excellent corrosion resistance are the main features for this type semitrailer. Qingte Group specialize in the transportation solution way to help Busan Port improve the container handling. 


Container semitrailer for port/harbor use  

Application: Suitable for container handling on board.

Material: Q345/Q235

Advantage: flexible, competitive price due to the simple structure, excellent corrosion resistance

Mass supplying spot in Qingte workshop.

A real case to show that we are worth to cooperate. We are the best in quality control and batch delivery ability.We

provide providing supporting and processing services for global vehicle manufacture. OEM or ODM services in CKD/SKD status are available. We can supply metalworking service including plasma cutting, lasing, bending, welding, polishing, painting and so on.

With rich processing experience and practical expertise, Solid, Durable, and Powerful quality products can be supplied. We know how to make better bodies for semi-trailers, dumpers, and trucks.


Powder Coating Process Workshop

How to produce a perfect semitrailer in a factory?

The semitrailer surface protection is more and more important for a perfect semitrailer. People is keen on a semitrailer always looks new and strong.

As we all know that the semitrailer material is steel, and standing tough handling is the main feature for a semitrailer. The surface performance is very important for a semitrailer anti-rust capability and aesthetic measure. So the painting is very important to protect a semitrailer on lifespan.  

Priming paint and finishing coating are the most normal way currently. To be honest, the way painting is ok in semitrailer area. But the only pity is that this type painting is easy to fall off during tough handling.

As the painting technology development, the powder coating is generally accepted by customer on semitrailer area because of the outstanding adhesive ability, and beautiful looking. We can make any color we like. The painting material is a kind of plastic powder. It is adsorbed to the surface by static electricity. Finally the powder melt during 200℃ high temperature heating baking.

The painting way is not only improve the surface performance of semitrailer, but also friendly to the environment and operation worker. The only pity point is that the cost is a little higher than the normal epoxy paint.

We own the whole line of semitrailer powder coating.

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