The training camp for new vocational college students of Qingte Group in 2022 was opened

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Talent is the core of future competition. Under the guidance of the 14th five-year strategic plan of the Group, the company will recruit new college students of 2022 to register at the beginning of July. In order to build a high-level technical research and development and management team, the human Resources Department adopts new ideas, new practices and new models to design the whole internship process. In the mode of training camp, college students are organized to receive cross-job training in functional departments, business divisions and subsidiaries of the Group.

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The opening ceremony of University student Training camp was successfully held in Qingte Restaurant. Representatives of employers, internship units, training camp counselors and new college students attended the opening ceremony of the training camp. Ji Yanbin from Cheqiao Technology And Technology Department and Wei Guangkai, a graduate of Qingdao University, respectively spoke on behalf of college students’ training camp counselors and new college students.

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Wang Fengyuan, vice president of Qingte Group, warmly welcomed the new students on behalf of Qingte Group, explained the core values of “Respect, integrity, dedication and innovation” of Qingte Group, and introduced the enterprise’s talent training policy in detail. He pointed out that talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development. Qingte Group adheres to the principle of talent oriented, promotes the construction of talent echelon in an all-round way, and creates an excellent platform for talents to show themselves and realize their life value. He encouraged college students to take root and develop in Qingte and suggested them to do the following:

Do a good job in role transformation, as soon as possible from student identity to professional identity;

To be honest, deeply understand the core values of Qingte Group “Respect people, integrity, dedication and innovation”, first learn to be honest; Attention to detail;

Always keep learning mentality, to read more humanities and social science books, learn to communicate and express, learn in practice, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid of hardship, the correct face of difficulties and problems;

Learn to think independently, do a good job in career planning, determine their own career development goals, down-to-earth work, start from the grassroots, start from the small things, start from the details.

Respect         Trust            Dedicate           Innovation

Post time: Jul-23-2022
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