Folding Gooseneck Low Bed Trailer

Short Description:

Front Load Lowbed also named Folding Gooseneck Lowboy,Foldable Folding Gooseneck Trailer Low-Loader. The main features is that the gooseneck can be lie flat as front loading platform and also can be folded as gooseneck for haulage.

Capacity:20,00kg to 120000kg can be customized made, which depends on customers and use specify.


2 axlesfront load lowbed semi trailer

3 axles front load lowbed semi trailer

4 axles front load lowbed semi trailer

Lowbed Chassis:

Folding Gooseneck Low Loader has been produced in welding constructions with gas metal arc welding as “I” crossing from high resistant steel considering overloads proper to capacity and intended usage.

Front LoadLow-bed Semi-Trailer Dimensions:


Various depends on intended usage(customized)

Width: 2500 mm – 4500 mm varies according to demand.

Platform (Pool )Height: Varies depending on intended usage. Pool Height: 500 mm (Min) – 1400 mm (max)

Product Detail

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Honored to set up semitrailer manufacturing service with your company

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-Research and Development Depart.

-Production process Depart.

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assembly and so on.

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Axle NO.


Loading Capacity




Deck Height


Suspension Remark




 Customized  1100-1300High-Low-High  Leaf Spring  


 50-80  Customized  



 Leaf Spring  
 4  80-100  Customized  



 Leaf Spring  
One Line

Two Axles

 40-80  Customized  1100-1300High-Low-High  Rigid Suspension  

Production Case

2-1. Gooseneck Design Show

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asdvdfgn (2)


2-1.Gooseneck Design And Production Show

-Front Gooseneck Parts

-Middle Gooseneck Parts

The main two parts design is the key to assemble the final folding neck

asdvdfgn (6)
asdvdfgn (7)

2-2.Deck Body And Gooseneck Assemble Show

Deck Body Parts

Middle neck assemble processing

Precision welding and layout of interior space is the key for perfect folding

asdvdfgn (4)
asdvdfgn (5)

 Parts Details Show

asdvdfgn (10)

Main Beam Welding

asdvdfgn (9)

Rear and Axle Position

asdvdfgn (8)

Gooseneck Connect Position

Preliminarily Test

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asdvdfgn (14)
asdvdfgn (17)
asdvdfgn (13)
asdvdfgn (16)
asdvdfgn (12)
asdvdfgn (15)
asdvdfgn (11)

The Complete Folding Lowbed Trailer Show

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asdvdfgn (24)
asdvdfgn (20)
asdvdfgn (21)
asdvdfgn (22)
asdvdfgn (23)

Loading Capacity Test: 100T loading capacity
Trailer Weight:25T
Folding gooseneck low bed trailer Spec.
4PCS-16T Axle Wheel track-2800mm
16PCS-10R20 18PR tire, 7.5-18 rim
4PCS-140/9-750-110 Hydraulic Cylinder
10PCS-Spring 90mmX16mm
50# and 90# King Pin
Wabco brake+ABS
12KW KEPU engine14ml/R right hand gear pump, elastic coupling, two electric integrated multi-way valve, aluminum alloy hydraulic tank
Main Beam 550 height
Up and Down plate 25mm double
Vertical plate16+16mm

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